Brand Protection

The development of new products and building of a brand require considerable effort and financial outlay. Establishing products and brands like this necessarily involves years worth of expensive marketing and advertising.

The counterfeit and imitation goods trade costs the global economy around $300B every year. Trade associations surmise that Germany loses around €30B and 70,000 jobs annually as a result.

With our service offerings, we help affected companies to monitor brand protection violations in marketplaces, online shops & websites and on social media.

Brand-name manufacturers are especially keen to know who’s selling their products and whether existing brand protection laws are being violated in the process. The owners of brand rights in particular are interested in whether copyright law or anti-competition violations are occurring or gray-market goods are being put into circulation.

Our Service Offerings

To answer these questions, we have developed a service which enables us to comprehensively collect and document online offers and ensure success through further surveillance.

The process for investigating trademark infringement corresponds to the following steps:

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